Don't Forget Your Survival Kit
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Don’t Forget Your Survival Kit

By David Eppel

When I go to dialysis, I always take along my “survival kit.” It is a big, black travel bag packed full of favorite “odds and ends” to take me through the session with as much comfort and interest as possible.

Among other things, I have a selection of reading materials, a CD player with various musical disks, a radio, and a cassette recorder with audio books. Sometimes I take along my laptop computer.

The guiding principle that I’ve adopted is to create a series of options, so that I’m able to read or listen, as the mood strikes me. I’ve found that having a lot of choices is essential, so I’m not limited to certain activities during dialysis.

For added comfort, I have mineral water face spray, aromatherapy scents, a flask of my favorite English tea, and an airline blindfold to shut out the unit when I feel like sleeping.

Permission received to post the following information:

Name: David Eppel
Address: Jerusalem, Israel
Cause of renal failure: Vascular disease that led to blockage of renal arteries
Time on dialysis: 1 year, 8 months
Treatments used: In-center, overnight hemodialysis
Work/other activities: Journalist
Date: April 1999