Create Your Own PD Pouch
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Create Your Own PD Pouch

By Ed Yourtee

When I first started peritoneal dialysis (PD), I wore my catheter taped to my abdomen and draping down my leg. That was a nuisance. So I pulled out a cloth money belt I used for overseas travel. It has a flat, cloth pouch about 4 inches deep and 8 inches wide with a zipper across the top.

I wear the money belt under my underwear, and tape the catheter to my abdomen in a short loop to prevent tugging. Then I coil the rest of the catheter, put it in the pouch, and zip it almost completely closed, leaving enough room for the catheter to enter the pouch.

Cheap, washable, easily replaceable—works for me. I bought my pouch at a travel item display at a local office supply store. Any place that carries luggage straps and electricity converters will probably also carry a variety of money belts and pouches. You can also search the web and probably find a vendor that sells them by mail order.*

Editor’s Note: Some dialysis centers sell special belts that secure PD catheters; ask your center if these are available.
Permission received to post the following information:

Name: Ed Yourtee, MD Cause of renal failure: Membranous glomerulonephritis
Time on dialysis: 1.5 years
Treatments used: CCPD
Work/other activities: Physician, Internal Medicine; International children’s charity work
Date: June 1999