My Kidney Life
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My Kidney Life

Kidney disease can affect every part of your life. You can keep doing the things you value —IF you make a choice that is a good fit for your life.

Use these resources to learn how your values work on all types of dialysis, with a transplant, or if you choose no treatment (comfort care).

My Kidney Life Plan

My Kidney Life Plan Website

A free tool to help you RATE (using stars) how well a kidney treatment works for your values. Share your summary with your health care team.

Explore YOUR Treatments

My Kidney Life: A New Direction

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If your kidneys—or a loved ones’—don’t work well, you may be angry, sad, scared. Or, you may feel all three ways at the same time. This is 100% normal! When you can move past fearto HOPE, you can make the rest of your life as good as it can be. In this book, we teach you your job with a chronic disease. We help you sort out what matters to you. And, we tellyou about each of the treatments, so you can make a choice that fits the way you want to live.

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