Oldies But Goodies
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Oldies, but Goodies



In Control

In Control (formerly the Renal Rehabilitation Report) is a newsletter that reflects the Life Options philosophy: being "in control" is key to a long life with chronic kidney disease. The 2-in-1 design features eight pages of information on a single topic; four pages for healthcare professionals and four pages for people with kidney disease.

Renal Rehabiliation Report

The Renal Rehabilitation Report (RRR) is an information-filled newsletter for dialysis professionals and patients interested in renal rehabilitation. Issues include regular reports on research, policy issues, and stories about successful renal rehabilitation initiatives on a local, regional, and national basis. For topline research findings and educational articles about renal rehabilitation, the Renal Rehabilitation Report is an excellent resource.

Kidney Q&A

These educational needs assessment tools will help clinic staff identify each patient's learning needs and interests.

Tips and stories

Friends sharing stories and fun
Read real stories form people who are dealing with the impact of CKD and have overcome barriers along the way. Learn how others have struggled, managed, and triumphed. We hope you find comfort and strength in their stories. Feel free to share your experiences and how it has affected your life.